Conference Hotel

Dolton Resort Tongshenhu Hotel - Changsha
Address: Tongshenghu Resort Changsha, Hunan Province, China
Tel: +86(731) 85168888 Fax: +86(731) 85209999

地址: 湖南省长沙市雨花区同升湖
电话:0731-85168888 传真:0731-85209999

How to access to the hotel:
Changsha has an international airports ---Changsha Huanghua International Airport. There are several railway stations in Changsha. Typical ones are Changsha Railway Station and Changsha South Railway Station. For non-Chinese Author, please show the following picture to the taxi driver if you take taxi.

Hotel Reservation(酒店订房优惠价格)
Deluxe single room: 348RMB (breakfast)
Deluxe double room: 348RMB (breakfast)

1 International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering